Carillion collapse: Olli Group not affected

Olli Group did not have any business relationship with Carillion, and so none of our work or contracts are affected by their recent collapse. We’d like to reassure our customers and suppliers that all Olli Group projects are safe and will be carried out as usual.

If anything, the collapse of Carillion may bring new opportunities for smaller players in the market like Olli Group, as a number of contracts will now come up for tender. It also acts as a reminder that it is wise to use a mix of different-sized firms, and that using the biggest companies can hold a lot of risk, especially when they have bid for contracts under cost. Olli Group is a family-owned firm and we have grown at a sustainable rate by taking on sensible contract terms and caring about our customers and employees. We remain a safe pair of hands for your service contracts.

If you have been let down by Carillion and need urgent help with buildings maintenance or construction, please get in touch straight away. We’d be happy to help.