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At Olli we are pleased to report we are still running a full 24h service for our clients including emergency and essential maintenance. We are running all our regular services, but some non-essential work may be de-prioritised.
Our main office and yard is still open and we are following new entry, handwashing, PPE and distancing regulations, as well as deep cleaning on a daily basis.

Whilst we are still working for all our clients, our highest priority is rapidly helping vulnerable people.

Voids and disrepair : We're helping expand the availability of housing by fixing up disused properties so that vulnerable people can self isolate outside of crowded hostels or shelters

Emergency maintenance work : All kinds of repairs are being completed, especially for our most vulnerable social housing residents. There have been a lot of blocked drains with people having to find alternatives to toilet paper!

We are also running our full suite of maintenance services for our clients. Since translation services are often on furlough, we have printed translation cards to communicate with residents who do not have English as a first language. We've also been able to help clients with vans and logistics to deal with emergency situations, and supply surveyors and other necessary staff where their own people are on furlough.

Olli Group had already planned for the crisis

Other contractors have scaled down their services much more, so what makes Olli different? Well, for a number of reasons, we were very well prepared.

In 2016, as part of our business recovery planning, we tackled specific scenarios including planning for a pandemic. So we already had plans, and kept supplies for PPE, social distancing and handwashing. In March we quickly brought our plan into effect and updated it with information from the WHO and current UK guidance.

PPE and training

Our operatives sometimes have to deal with small amounts of asbestos, and when they do, they use P3 facemasks, gloves and overalls. So they have been trained to use PPE and deal with potentially contaminated work clothes. We have supplies of PPE which we have kept in stock for use against asbestos, as well as those we kept for pandemic business recovery and for working with dust and hazardous material. And we have well-trained staff who can use them safely and effectively.

We have built a stockpile of essential materials at the yard so we can continue working if supply lines are tight.

Working with our partners

In this crisis, Olli Group have been able to rapidly shift to a new and safe way of working. We've been able to continue to meet our clients needs, and help them in new ways.

When the chips are down, you can rely on Olli Group.

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