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Interior design for schools

Inspiration from the Olli Look Book

When it comes time to freshen up the paintwork in the school entrance hall, or smarten up a dingy corridor, you don’t have to reach for the Magnolia.

We are renowned for optimising spaces in the education sector, winning acclaim across the UK for our inspirational school refurbishments.

At Olli we’ve got 1001 ideas for making your space seem fresh and exciting, without spending more than you’d have to on a standard redecoration. What’s the magic ingredient? A bit of creativity!

Growing creativity in your students

Your students will love to learn in the fun new spaces we create. Recent psychology experiments show that your environment has a profound effect on your state of mind. One study showed that priming students with unusual artwork encouraged them to think up more possible solutions for a creative task. A creatively decorated room leads to greater creativity and independence of thought in your students!

Creative with your budgets

Rachel is a visual artist who has had exhibitions all over the country and when she’s not committing her latest piece to canvas she’s adding a bit of sparkle to our clients interiors – sometimes literally. She’s put together a “look book” for schools, showing various ideas for fun and visually pleasing ways to brighten up a school environment.

Olli painters and decorators can faithfully turn her designs into reality. So instead of just slapping the place over with a sea of Pure Brilliant White, you get an innovative space which promotes learning and creativity and puts a smile on everybody’s face.

And all for the around the same price you’d pay for a standard redecoration.

We recently got this amazing letter of recommendation from one of our clients:

Dear Olli Group

I wanted to send an email to express how happy I am at the works that were completed over the summer break at Rebecca Cheetham through Olli Construction. We are constantly getting huge compliments from our returning parents and the staff also feel like their workplace is slowly being brought into the 21st century. The entrance is light, airy and spacious and has really changed the first impressions parents or visitors have when they come into the building.

I want to make specific mention of a few things:

John was great in terms of listening to my requests and understanding the vision of the different projects. He offered advice as to what would work better whilst still keeping true to what I was requesting. John also understood our small time frames and made sure that works needed to be completed before children returned to school was prioritised and as such there was no real disruption to our day to day operations.

The team who came in to do the works were very professional and seemed to be a well oiled machine. I came in randomly at various times and was reassured that staff knew what they were doing and also understood the strictness of our deadlines. They left the site looking great once all the works were finished which means that we only needed to get our own cleaners in and we were good to go. This meant that I was able to leave the site and feel relaxed that everything was under control.

I am happy to recommend Olli Construction in the future and I’ve already informed the Tapscott Academy Trust, who we work in partnership to ensure you get involved in quoting any jobs that need doing in the future.

There are a few outstanding things that need doing but John has all that under control.

In saying that we would like to have John come back in to quote some other projects we are planning.

Thanks in advance and have a good weekend.

Kind regards,
Rohan Allen

Head Teacher
Rebecca Cheetham Nursery & Children’s Centre

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