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Olli Group has just installed a new, artistic feature in Ravenscroft Park, off Broadway Market. This is a series of mosaics produced by local children in association with the Chisenhale Gallery education programme. Now you can explore the mosaic in intricate detail with this two-gigabyte close-up of every panel:

The mosaic is a conservation piece, so Olli worked closely with the local authority (LBTH), Network Rail and conservationists to carefully take down the artwork, build a new home for it in Ravenscroft Park, and reinstall. Olli are no stranger to the art world, as many of you will know.

These mosaics were first created in 1995 by children from St. Anne’s and Thomas Buxton primary schools, in a project with artists from the Chisenhale Gallery education programme. They were installed on an empty site on Bishopsgate with the support of the Spitalfields Development Group and funding from Bethnal Green City Challenge.

Three years later, when arch excavations began in Bishopsgate, they were moved to the bridge on Brick Lane, funded by the Cityside English Heritage and the City Fringe Partnership and supported by Rail Track PLC and Urban Space Management.

The latest relocation to is being sponsored by the Parks Department, Tower Hamlets.

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