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At Olli Group we are very much a family orientated business and with the tragedy at the Grenfell Tower it was driven home that fire safety needs to be much higher on the agenda. We're doing corrective fire safety works to many properties as well as our usual workload of refurbishment and maintenance jobs which could affect fire safety and so we wanted to make sure we were working to the latest regulations and procedures. We applied for FIRAS accreditation which involved a lot of studying and staff retraining. We now hold the FIRAS office and site accreditation so we have decided to hold a seminar to advise on fire safety from the positioning and maintenance of smoke and heat alarms to the automatic closing devices for front doors. We will also draw on advice from the London Fire Brigade.

The Seminar will be held at:

Olli Group
34 Shirley Street
Canning Town
E16 1HU

Monday 19th March 7:30am

For anyone who can't make the seminar we have put together these:

Fire Safety Tips for residents

Living in blocks of flats

If you live in a multi-storey building there will be an evacuation plan, which your landlord must provide you with. You can also look out for the following, and get your landlord to fix them if they are not correct:

  • Front doors and doors on corridors and staircases must be ‘self-closing’ fire doors
  • Fire doors must be actually closed, and not held open
  • Doors should not have large gaps underneath or around them
  • Make sure that things are not stored in corridors or stairwells. These could block the stairwells as people try to evacuate or as firefighters come in with equipment. They may also catch fire if a fire has already started
  • Don't store too much stuff on balconies
  • There should be signs that show you how to evacuate, and everyone who lives in the building should know what to do
  • If you are a council tenant there should already be a smoke alarm in your flat. You can get a FREE smoke alarm from the Fire Brigade by calling You can book an appointment online at or phone them on 0800 028 44 28
  • If heat or smoke affects your home, leave immediately.

Causes of fire

These are the top causes of fire in the home, and how to combat them.


  • Fit a heat alarm in the kitchen, and test it regularly. It's a s simple as pressing the button.
  • Take special care when frying and grilling
  • Don't cook when drunk, or excessively tired
  • Keep ovens grills and hobs clean because greasy build-up can catch fire
  • Check you have turned off cooking appliances after use
  • Don't put metal things in a microwave
  • Supervise children and pets if they are cooking or playing in the kitchen.

Portable heaters

  • Make sure heaters won't fall over, secure them to the wall if possible
  • Keep clothes well away from heaters, clothes can be very flammable and many fires are caused in this way. Use great caution if clothes are placed out to dry in the house and keep them well away from heaters.
  • Don't sit too close to a fire, for the same reason, and especially if you may fall asleep


  • It is safer to smoke outside
  • Make sure that cigarettes are always fully put out
  • Don't smoke if you think you may fall asleep
  • Use proper ashtrays and don't balance cigarettes on them
  • Make sure all material is extinguished before emptying ashtrays
  • Keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children
  • If you use paraffin-based emollient creams (often used for eczema and dry skin conditions) ask for non-flammable alternatives. Although only a small amount is on the skin, the paraffin can build up on clothes and bed-sheets and this has been known to cause quite intense fires and loss of life.


  • Use the right fuses for your appliances: 3A fuse – Table lamp, television, computer, blender, fridge, freezer. 13A fuse – Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, toaster, iron.
  • Make sure appliances have a British or European safety mark when you buy them
  • Empty fluff from tumble dryers
  • Turn off hair straighteners when you've finished and don't put them down except on a heat-proof surface until they are cool
  • Don't overload your sockets
  • Faulty electrical appliances can cause fires. A list of recalled products is available through the LFB website.


  • Put candles out when you leave the room or go to bed
  • Place candles on a heat resistant and stable surface, and away from curtains, furniture, clothes and anything flammable
  • Don't let kids play with candles and store them away from children and pets
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