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The Throne of Gaming? A history of Novomatic Group

We have all heard of The Rank Organisation with J. Arthur Rank at it’s head, founding the motion picture business, Xerox, Odeon Cinemas, casinos, gaming centres, amusements, Bingo, Hard Rock Cafe etc. Rank in recent times sold off the UK Adult Gaming Centres (AGC) division which become would become Quicksilver / Talarius.

Also gaining momentum in the AGC sector during the 70’s are the Noble Family with Luxury Leisure—expanding through the 80’s and 90’s into seaside amusement arcades and national venues.
In the 2000’s Kwik Tan, a nationwide chain of tanning salons was founded and during 2010 Luxury Leisure become part of the Novomatic UK Group, rebranding retail locations as 'Admiral'. In 2016 they acquired also Quicksilver / Talarius.

Today the Group makes up 22.5% of the AGC in Great Britain. Olli have been working for this valued client from it’s Rank days, we are currently refurbishing and rebranding Admiral venues in Norwich, Eltham and Crawley to high modern specification.

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