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Recognition in the London Construction Awards 2023

Olli's collaboration with The Rolling Stones and Community Links has been recognised as a finalist in the London Construction Awards 2023 in the category ”Excellence in Community Engagement“.

Olli joined forces with members of the Rolling Stones to convert a Victorian Mortuary into a state-of-the-art recording studio for local young people, which will be run by Community Links. Community Links has been helping out in the Canning Town community for more than 40 years. At Olli we are very serious about paying back to the community. We are a family-run business and we're East Londoners through and through. That's why we are always looking for what we can give back to the local area, especially in the areas of sport and music. You can read more about this project in our story about it: A building for The Stones.

New London Architecture Awards

Olli is no stranger to high profile architectural, conservation and retrofitting awards - in 2019 we were a finalist in the prestigious New London Architecture Awards for our sensitive refurbishment of Bethnal Green's historic Library. While maintaining and repairing the amazing historic features including ornate ceilings, oak panelling, stained glass and parquet flooring, we were able to modernise the building and get it ready for another 100 years serving the local community.

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