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Olli Drainage

We have in-house Drainage experts who operate throughout London and the surrounding areas. Our 24h depot-based support team tracks all our vans so that they can plan the fastest response possible for all drainage and flooding emergencies.

Our new fleet of vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art jetting systems which can successfully remove the majority of blockages. And we have all the expertise to help you recover from a flooding emergency too.

Going underground: CCTV surveys

After jetting, we can survey for less obvious issues using the CCTV equipment kept onboard each van. This is a highly efficient and cost-effective method for identifying hidden problems like broken pipes, invasive tree roots or subsidence.
Our Drainage team are fully qualified and certified by The Water Jetting Association.

Disaster recovery

If flooding has damaged your property, we can help you recover from water damage or wastewater flooding. Following the guidelines from the British Damage Management Association, we clean up and dry out your damaged building, measuring for proper timber moisture content to ensure you don’t get problems later on. One client saved £100,000 when we completely dried out a property that otherwise would have needed rebuilding.

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