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Olli Fire Stopping

Olli Group protect lives and property by the installation of cost-effective and compliant passive fire protection systems.

Olli Group Fire Prevention Division specialises in the application of Passive Fire Resisting products, installation of fire rated timber doors, fire door maintenance and fire-sealing penetrations. Olli is accredited by FIRAS and BM Trada Company, all our work is of the highest standard and to current fire regulations.

Fire doors made to order

We are Firas /Certifire accredited installers and fabricators of fire doors. We can supply and install fire door sets, custom made to size in our London depot joinery department.

Fire Risk Assessments (FRA)

Olli is able to provide 4 types of fire risk assessments


Most common type of FRA – Non-Destructive – usually sufficient for most purpose-built blocks of flats and conversions, assessments of common parts and front doors.


Is similar to Type 1 in the sense that it only includes the common parts of the building. However, it involves an element of destructive “sampling” – carried out if there is good reason to believe there are serious structural flaws that need further investigation.


Assessment goes beyond the requirements by considering the flats as well as the common parts and doors.


Like Type 2 includes destructive assessment to the common parts and to the individual flats

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