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Olli Group refits former Royal London Hospital as landmark Town Hall

The former home of The Elephant Man has become a hub of local democracy and Olli made it happen.

In the heart of the historic Whitechapel Road stands a testament to time - "The London Infirmary," established in 1740. This architectural gem has been transformed into the new Town Hall under the careful stewardship of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Olli Group is proud to have retrofitted this iconic structure, under a £1.5M measured term contract.

Scope of Transformation: From Basements to Mayor Suites

As the principal building contractor, we were entrusted with the task of breathing new life into every corner of the building, from the basements to the 4th floor. The works encompassed a wide array of tasks, including installing kitchens and bathrooms, conducting M&E enabling works, and installing specialist decorative partitions in the mayoral suites. Olli Group's fire protection team undertook Fire Risk Assessments and installed our custom fire doors and passive fire prevention measures. Window replacement, sanitaryware installation, and all finishing touches, including decorative tiling, flooring, and fittings, were meticulously executed. We also undertook roof repairs, and brought external brickwork up to a good standard.

A Testament to Partnership Working

The success of this transformative project was fuelled by effective partnership working. Regular on-site meetings with sub-contractors, clients, and architects played a crucial role in navigating the complexities of the project, leading to innovative solutions and ensuring everyone's benefit.

The Elephant man and the doctor

In 1886, after returning from working in freak shows in Belgium, where he had been mistreated, and suffering from bronchitus, "The Elephant Man" Joseph Merrick collapsed in Liverpool Street Station. He had a calling card from Dr. Treves of the Royal London doctor and so was taken there. He made friends with the doctor, and money was raised for his benefit, and he lived his remaining years in rooms in the basement of the hospital building.

A historic building, delivered on time

Despite several alterations to the spec and a tight deadline, the LBTH New Town Hall retrofit project was completed on time and to an exceptionally high standard. Olli Group's meticulous pre-planning and assessments paid off, as the busy, occupied premises experienced a smooth transformation without disruptions. The project's success stands as a testament to our dedication, attention to detail, and collaborative approach.We take pride in contributing to the restoration of this historic landmark, ensuring that the LBTH New Town Hall stands as a symbol of excellence for building users to enjoy for many years to come.

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