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Olli Group awarded 5 year contract

10 Year Legacy for Housing Association  Poplar Harca - a 2.1 Billion Estate Regeneration Programme

We shed tears of pride and joy. Joy in receiving news Olli had been awarded a 5 year Repairs & Maintenance contract, tears because this unfortunately was the last presentation and tender bid our Senior Estimator, Peter Batchelor, worked on before his recent stroke - what a legacy!

Paul Brickell, Chairman of Poplar Harca, believes everyone should have a place that they can proudly call home.

"A home is one of the most important things in life. It is she lter, warmth and comfort. Peace of mind for the present, great memories for the future, a place that inspires opportunity.

A secure home in a successfuldiverse community extends opportunity"

Download the PDF of the full newsletter here

Coroner's Court and Mortuary

Our painters recently completed an internarefurbishment here, to the satisfactory of the courts management Olli received a fantastic letter praising our works team, even mentioning the lad's tea making skills.

Site supervisor Dean "lucky" Summerfield said "working in such an environment requires an excellence of respect and professionalism from our men, without losing the ability to be cheerfully human".

Poplar Coroner's Court stands at the junction of thHigh Street and Cottage Street, with the mortuary building to its rear. The 1891 Public Health Act for London required the London County Council to provide suitable accommodation for inquests, while responsibility for mortuaries rested with the appropriate sanitary authority, which for Poplar was the District Board of Works. In 1893 it was proposed that a combined mortuary and coroner's court should be erected for the whole of the Poplar Board's areawith the LCC paying rent for the latter.

Boxing Club

Manager Director Dean Hollington Ex Amateu& Professional sportsman has started a pop-up novice Boxing Club after schoohours every Tuesday at Cubbitt Town Junior School.

An enthusiast squad of youngsters attended the first lessowhen Dean had an end-of-lesson talk. One lad summed it up perfectly "I feel epic, Mr Dean"

Fire risk assessments

A fire in the home is a thing of nightmares and with the recent tragedy of Grenfell Tower all organisatioare reviewing their portfolio Fire Risk Assessments (FRA). This has generated a vast amount of Fire Precaution and remedial works being appointed to Olli We work closely with independent Fire Assessors for various Councils and Housing Association to Survey and Compile Works Specifications. This ranges from Fire Stopping to Upgrading of FED's and Riser Cupboards. Our operatives have a vast knowledge and understanding of requirements needed to complete all works to the required FIRAS Standard which enables us to comply with Industry standard in regards to works and materials used.

Should the reader have any need for advice/surveys etc. Please contact our James at the depot.

Las Vegas comes to Peckham

Del boy would have loved to have seen it, the grand opening and re-launch of a major gaming venue in the heart of Peckham.

Team Olli design and refurbishment has received fabulous reviews, the clean lines, vibrant colours and state of the art lighting and, would you believe, a digital aquarium, together with exciting new gaminmachines, is making Cashino Peckham a must-visit venue. An interesting feature is a street wall art mural design showing local boy 'done good' Rio Ferdinand pulling iconic features of Peckham together. You will find this on route to the Alfresco Gaming area.

Olli Property Spring Sale

 "Out of ground, out of trouble" is a construction phase that's all to true-well our latest new build houses are out of ground and out of trouble and ready for the Spring property market.

These stylish 3 bed homes are at internal fit out stage. The interest shown by potential local buyers has been remarkable we don't normally sell on plan, however, due to buyers pressure on the project the directormay reconsider.

White Lodge- Victoria Park

We are currently redeveloping the White Lodge which is within Victoria Park, this iconic building is not listed, would you believe. We have kept any original detail still in situ, whilst making it habitable again. The exact history is lost in time, but the lodge probably pre-dates the park. You can find it at the northern tip of the park and it was probably built for a market gardener under an agreement of 1837.

London Public Art

Olli's connections with the art world are common knowledge. So much so, when were contracted to relocate a large mosaic art work with a local history - we were ecstatic. The mosaic is a conservation piece, Olli worked closely with the local authority (LBTH), Network Rail and conservationists to carefully take down the artwork, build a new home for it in Ravenscroft Park, and reinstall.

"These mosaics were first erected in 1995 by children from two local primary schools -St. Anne's and Thomas Buxton, working with artists from the Chisenhale Gallery education programme. They were inst all ed on an empty site on Bishopsgate with the support of the Spitalfields Development Group and funding from Bethnal Green City Challenge.

In 1998 they were removed from the site when arch excavations began and a new home was sought, the move was funded by the City side English Heritage and the City Fringe Partnership and has been supported by Rail track Pic and Urban Space Management.

The latest relocation is being sponsored by the Parks Department, Tower Hamlets

Streatham Hill Theatre

We have recently been contracted to carry out remedial works and move the renowned artist Antony Dufort to a new premises. Antony has used the upper floors of Streatham Hill Beacon Bingo as a studio for many years. Our clients are reorganizing the theatre's usage. We are so privileged not only to work for this esteemed client but be to able to walk around the back stage area and meet such people as Antony is remarkable.

The Streatham Hill Theatre is one of London's most lavish 'sleeping beauties'Sprague was responsible for some of the most beautiful theatres in London including Wyndham's, the Aldwych, the Queen's and Gielgud, Noel Coward, Novello Theatre, St Martin's, Ambassadors and the Coronet in Notting Hill Gate. Built in 1929, it was the last theatre designed by Sprague, but possibly his largesand one of the best-equipped in London, outside of the West End. The theatre has an imposinfacade to Streatham Hill influenced by Daulton .

Dufort trained first as a painter. He owes his observational skills in drawing painting and sculpture to his maternal Grandmother Doris de Halpert. She was a pupil of Walter Sickert, a close friend of Degas. His resulting excellence as a draftsman has enabled him to work in a multiplicity of artistic forms ranging from illustration and film story boards, to portrait paintings and public sculpture. A recent departure was designing Britannia for the reverse of the new £2 coin, commissioned by the Royal Mint.

Have a Rugger do…

Olli staff party this year was held at the East London Rugby Club- Dean and team Olli are club supporters, catering managed by "Centre Management-

Sports Hub" catered for a 100 sit down bumper Xmas Dinner, with top cabaret band "Tobacco Road" as entertainment, and dancing was to Steve the "Curtains" Curtis disco.

Edith who has helped organize the event said "It's amazing really, I've watched Olli's Xmas party grow from a few drinks and sandwiches at the back of a pub to full dinner and dance - what a growing company we are, and I don't mean just waist lines"

Admiral Casino in Gravesend

With a name like Admiral you can't but get sea travel connection to Gravesend. Did you know Pocahontas, a native American womaand daughter of chief Powhatau, who married an Englishman came to England and become something of a celebrity only to die on her return journey at Gravesend and was buried in the local St Georges Church in 1617.

Olli have recently completed a  refurbishment and rebranding oan existing gaming venue in the town of Gravesend, this new fit out was completed on timeon budget to the expectations of the client. With a six figurcontract value the venue remained open during the works with only a night closure to organise flooring works.

New Euro 6 compliant fleet

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is to make London the worlds first ultra low emissions zone (ULEZ) commencinon 8th April 2019 in Central London and surrounding boroughs by 2020Olli Transport are activity replacing our older fleet for the new compliant Euro 6 specification.

We hear lots of negative moaning and complaininabout this strategy but 'listen up', being born and bred, still living and working in London, it makes good sense, lets keep our family's health paramount - and saving the planet is the welcome byproduct.

2017 Going out with a KPI Bang

We popped a few bottles of bubbly and a few bottles of fizzy water at our Xmas staff dinner and dance on the news that we hit 100% KPIs on all our contractduring November & December.

M/D Dean said

"what a start for 2018 it's like having a clean sheet, we are so proud of team Olli. They have worked so hard during 2017 - during which we increased both turnover and profits.




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