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Olli Nominated and short listed for a major London Award

We have been nominated for a major award in the category of conservation and retrofit.
Our project the refurbishment of listed building Bethnal Green Library, was put forward and progressed to the finals.
Olli were up against strong opposition with the likes of:

  • Alexandra Palace Eastway Restoration
  • Barbican Art Gallery
  • The Bower
  • Great Arthur House
  • Ken Gardens Great Pagoda
  • Old Section Houser
  • The Painted Halls Naval College
  • Pilzhanger Manor & Gallery
  • Shafetsbury Hall
  • Smithson Plaza
  • St Augustine’s Church Hammersmith
  • The Kempton Fitzroy
  • West Norwood Library & Cinema

Unfortunately we didn't win the gong. However, team Olli are now fired up and keen to be back in the running for 2021 Awards.

Dean Hollington (MD) expressed to Olli News how proud he is of team Olli for being nominated for such a prestigious award “to have our name amongst such venerable company was amazing”

Hollywood stars dine out on being nominated for Oscars, so why shouldn't we have a celebratory evening handing out Olli Achievement Awards?

Royal Horticultural Society—Everything is coming up Rosie

Usually gardeners love rain but not when it’s pouring through their roofs, Olli have just finished re-roofing R.H.S London H.Q, “no longer have they rain drops falling on their heads!”
We think the R.H.S. vision has fantastic set of core values:-
The R.H.S was founded in 1804, and their core objective is to be the world’s leading gardening charity by inspiring passion and excellence in the science, art and practice of horticulture. In everything the R.H.S. do they aim to use their guiding principles, which are to:-

  • Inspire
  • Involve
  • Inform
  • Improve

Stratford Library — Newham

SSHH—We are refurbishing Stratford Library on behalf of Newham Council, whilst the building is occupied, the project involves refurbishment new accessible WC’s, Children's WC’s—with a full M&E package, flooring and furniture fit out with lighting, panelling and redecorating.

Our Nick Gilbert is fresh from refurbishing Bethnal Green Library so we booked (excuse the pun!) him in as site manager, bringing our recent experience to the project.

Olli News asked the team how it’s going, “it’s all about sticking to the programme, RAMS and liaison with the Building users and being (sshh) quiet.” of course excellent work

Ship Shape—Bristol Fashion

Team Olli were in top creative mode constructing a new gaming venue in Bristol City Centre.

From an empty shell we formed a multi purpose gaming experience, working with industry accredited designers.

The client did not spare a penny when it came to design and finishes, the luxury ambience reflected the six figure project

Olli Welcome New Customers

We would like to welcome a couple of new clients gained through organic growth
to our Education Sector.

Harry Gosling School

we competitively quoted and were the preferred contractor in the Refurbishment of Pupil W.C’s and internal painting work during the summer holidays.

Did you know?

Parallels between our family and Harry Gosling is remarkable, Harry Gosling was a British labour party leader politician and trade union leader.

Our distant relation George Landsbury who was also a major reformer who went onto become the leader of the opposition and leader of the labour party.

Another connection is that Harry Gosling’s family were watermen on the Thames and Dean’s (Olli MD) grandfather Stan also worked the tugs on the river.

Curwen School

We completed external repairs and roof works replacing UPVC cladding and safety hand rails to roof areas

Did you know?

John Curwen Developed a distinct method of teaching music, we have all heard the Doh, re, me, fa, sol, la, ti, do.
The reverend John Curwen opened Curwen press in Plaistow to publish sheet music, parallel’s:- Jack Hollington is becoming a talented songwriter and musician and Dean our MD was brought up in Plaistow and many family members still live there.

The Team take a hit

The exceptional camaraderie and close bonding at Olli makes our operation like an extended family, it one of us takes a knock we all feel it.

Our Brad Sullivan Senior heating/plumbing engineer has been knocked sideways by a major operation, Brad was rushed to hospital and received emergency life saving surgery, thankfully Brad is now in convalescent but will not be 100% for about a year, this is a sad time for the team, Brad and his family. We all wish Brad a speedy recovery.

Brad hopes to use this time to up his C.P.D. and return in a more managerial role. Please feel free to email Brad he will enjoy the rapport.

Welcome to Georgios

We proud to present Georgios Papadopoulos BSc BEng MSc our latest premiership signing.

Georgios joined the team as a Senior Project Manager bringing with him a world of experience and qualifications.

Managing the 13 Faraday site, a prestigious project creating 3 new residences from a exceptionally large house, providing well needed extra homes in Notting Hill Area Georgios has the skill balance to manage small works and at the same time manage major projects.

Olli News asked Georgios how he’s settling in “the work is hectic, so varied over a large client base”

Also, the Olli ethos of sport and keep fit has me hooked, I’m in the gym every day and lost weight and getting fit, basically I'm loving it.

Battle of Hastings

The battle begins, team Olli are in Hastings refurbishing a town centre gaming venue.

We are in the battle to produce yet another top quality project for this fantastic pro-active client. Our site is only 0.8 or 14508 yards “in old money” away from where the Duke of Wellington made his headquarters.

Now it’s our battle with so many new customer’s rushing through the doors to use the improved facilities, whilst we are still working, as a promise to our clients “the venues stay open” during refurbishment.

The loneliness of the Long distance Cyclist

Contracts Manager John Wiskin takes up the challenge of a gruelling bike ride. For a big guy John gets some good speed going. He’s stamina is amazing.

John’s weekly training rides to Southend and back to London have helped shave ten’s of minutes from his personal best.

This year he has managed to complete 6 gruelling bike marathons and clocked up hundreds of miles taking in scenery along the way, through town’s of Cambridge, Norwich, Norfolk, Tendring Brighton and London.

John is gearing up for a 500 mile bike ride in 2020.

John’s first sport was boxing, you can see by the spectator turn out looks like he’s scared off the competition.

Olli take the disrepair out of disrepair

We don’t like to see our clients in a situation where disgruntled tenant escalates a compliant and going legal:-

Disrepair cases reflect on our clients reputation and has a negative effect on the welfare of the tenant involved, bringing relationships to a stand off…… Olli to the rescue.

Over the years we have developed a fantastic Team of talented people who provide tenant liaison, works to a high standard, discreet caring and non-judgemental dealings.

We are proud to boast we have not had a disrepair case escalate on our watch, our involvement in all cases prevented a court appearance and a satisfactory conclusion for all parties.

Ready, Steady, Cook

Residents in the London Borough of Havering are relishing using their new kitchens.

Team Olli are on rolling programme stripping out kitchens and replacing them with a full fitted kitchen new flooring, electrics etc. London Borough of Havering specification is of good quality kitchen and a keen eye for aesthetic details Olli customer liaison manager Rachel informed Olli News the client is demanding of a high finish with good quality components and that's just the way we like it.

Residents are showing gratitude by sending us thank you letters

STOP PRESS We have just been awarded a London Borough of Havering Bathroom Refurbishment Contract to run concurrently with the kitchens

The Special One

Like all good firms we thrive on compliments allowing us to know we are doing the right thing.

Complaints on the other hand, send us into a soul searching mode, eager to rectify and put in place procedures to prevent reoccurrence.

However, every now and again a letter arrives that touches our hearts and make’s us want to go that extra step in customer satisfaction, we received such a letter recently allow us to share it with you…….

“Hi All,

I wanted to share with a text we’ve received from Nicola Price’s son regarding the works being carried out at the property. Text message received from a tenant of Notting Hill Housing Association

‘Hi, I am Daniel Price eldest son of Nicola Price who has Mr Lee Greaves and colleagues working on mum’s home in Kilburn Park Road for 5 weeks now and all me, mum and family members have seen has been the most exceptional work to say the least, how we have seen the work from beginning to now pretty much the end has been incredibly impressive. Aside from the work that has been done to the highest standards possible the manners, the kindness and outright lovely personality of every man working has made this experience for my mum so much more pleasurable than she expected!! From all I have witnessed and experienced myself has been great again to say the least and everyone has been lovely to be around, so from the bottom of hearts we thank you all for everything and turning my mum’s house into something we never thought was possible. It will actually be sad to see everyone leave! Best wishes and kindest regards to all who’s made this a better home. Goodbye everybody.’

Well done all.”

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