Olli Property Management & VOIDS

voids-pageWe can very quickly turn around void properties, refurbishing to a high standard and getting them back earning rental income. We can also refurbish and find tenants for your void space, sometimes at no upfront cost to you.

Minimise void time

We completely understand the importance of reducing turnaround time on empty and vacant properties to minimise expense and financial exposure for our clients. To achieve this, we have our own in-house dedicated void maintenance teams consisting of trained and experienced multi- skilled workers who work to the highest standards. Our operative goal for our clients is getting these properties back earning rental income.

At no cost to you
If you have a long lease on a property with void space you have to keep in repair (e.g. space above a shop or workshop) talk to our Estates Management advisor. We can refurbish the space, find a tenant, deliver you an income, and return the property to you in guaranteed good condition at the end of your lease. We can often finance the refurbishment from the first year’s rent, leaving you to profit in subsequent years.
Our Estates Manager
George Paraskeva, BA (Hons) in Estate Management and Business Studies has brought added value to our clients using his innovative approach and experience to develop and manage the residential refurbishment and letting of previously unused space. He makes the financial arrangements with you, organises the refurbishment, then finds suitable tenants. The property will always be delivered it back to you in great condition.
All new enquiries should be emailed to info@olliconstruction.co.uk, alternatively call 0207 474 5111