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Olli to bring Beckton Community Centre back to life

Olli has recently won a £1.5 million contract to refurbish the ailing Beckton Community Centre. The centre is very popular and before it closed for refurbishment, was used by various faith, elderly and community groups from across the diverse Newham population.

However the building is described as being in a 'poor state of repair' and so Olli have been tasked with getting it back on track.

Cllr Asser told the council chamber: "This is going to be very much welcomed by the community. I think this is one of our best used community centres in the whole borough and it's been keenly felt that it hasn't been there [after] it closed for refurbishment and then the pandemic got in the way."

He added: "Given its location and its previous uses, it's very very popular... it's [in desperate need] of a refurbishment because the heating didn't work and neither did the air conditioning. There were very limited periods of the year where it was actually comfortable to be in and it was in a poor state of repair."

This news is covered in more depth at East London News.

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