Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance is the better approach for caring for your buildings while saving significant amounts of money.

All sectors can benefit from our cost-effective service.

It’s for schools, the hospitality industry, leisure & gaming, retail, housing associations and local authorities – anyone who maintains a number of buildings can protect them and pay less.

Planned fixed rate saves you time and money
We will tailor a preventative maintenance schedule to keep your buildings in good condition
24-hour emergency callout 365 days a year
We will visit in the middle of the night and even on Christmas day, and we can make emergency visits as a keyholder to attend alarms and other emergencies at any time, without getting you out of bed
Never pay too much
We will cut the number of maintenance visits if the maintenance could be achieved in fewer calls, when we are there, we are there to work
Never, EVER pay too much
Any works outside of the maintenance contract will be supplied according to independently published industry price lists so you never have to worry about being overcharged. And we photograph and document every repair we make
All trades
We will send the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, builders you need, when you need them
Control of budget
A much tighter control of costs, spread out evenly over the year
Cheaper than reactive call-outs
Having your buildings in a good state of repair will reduce the number of expensive emergency call-outs you have to make, and we cover all trades and will fix many things in each visit. Paying a call-out fee for a small repair will be a thing of the past
Less administrative burden
You don’t need to choose and call out a tradesperson for every repair, simply make a list for our staff when they call
Improve your facilities
The money you save compared to previous years can be spent on actually improving the buildings and facilities, not just treading water repairing them
Free surveys
We offer this service, formerly provided to schools by the local authority, for no additional charge when you use our building services. All clients, not just schools, can benefit from this
Comply with regulations
We will ensure compliance with fire regulations, electricity installations, health and safety
Sleep well
Our Key holder service responds to out-of-hours alarms, or even opening and closing the building each day
Support the role of your permanent staff
If your caretakers or school keepers are struggling to keep up but you don’t quite need another one, we can ease their burden and make sure the premises are properly cared for
Identify areas of waste
Alert you to costly ‘blackspot’ areas which could be changed for future savings
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