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Just before the 6 week school holiday we received a last minute opportunity to tender for refurbishment work to the centre’s kitchen.
We've got a great reputation and a lot of experience in the education sector, and after the quote was approved, works quickly commenced. We finished on time and on budget, and the client was delighted with the finished project. The Headteacher sent us this note of thanks:

I wanted to send an email to express how happy I am at the works that were completed over the summer break at Rebecca Cheetham through Olli Construction. We are constantly getting huge compliments from our returning parents and the staff also feel like their workplace is slowly being brought into the 21st century. The entrance is light, airy and spacious and has really changed the first impressions parents or visitors have when they come into the building.

I want to make specific mention of a few things:

John was great in terms of listening to my requests and understanding the vision of the different projects. He offered advice as to what would work better whilst still keeping true to what I was requesting. John also understood our small time frames and made sure that works needed to be completed before children returned to school was prioritised and as such there was no real disruption to our day to day operations.

The team who came in to do the works were very professional and seemed to be a well oiled machine. I came in randomly at various times and was reassured that staff knew what they were doing and also understood the strictness of our deadlines. They left the site looking great once all the works were finished which means that we only needed to get our own cleaners in and we were good to go. This meant that I was able to leave the site and feel relaxed that everything was under control.

I am happy to recommend Olli Construction in the future and I've already informed the Tapscott Academy Trust, who we work in partnership to ensure you get involved in quoting any jobs that need doing in the future.

Famous residents of Canning Town: Who was Rebecca Cheetham?

Rebecca Cheetham was a celebrated woman who did a great deal of work within the Newham community. She was the first warden for 25 years of the Canning Town Women's Settlement and associated with them for nearly 50 years.

She served on the Education Board of the (the named) County of Borough of West Ham and as such, many of the Social Services of the borough owe their existence to her untiring work.

Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School was officially opened in August 1930 by Ms Margaret McMillan who was a pioneer in the Nursery School movement. At the time, Rebecca Cheetham was thankful for the honour of the nursery being named after her and said that she hoped that nursery schools would spread throughout the country, so that young children might be nurtured in readiness for their education.

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