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Keith Heard

The Olli family mourns the passing of Keith Heard, who dedicated over 20 years of his life to the company, working his way up from a multi-tradesman to a managerial position. He was known for being a tough negotiator, earning the nickname ‘Mr Olli’. Keith was loved by all his co-workers, known for his funny pranks and his charming nature. He was a loving family man, with many grandchildren that he adored.

Keith was a passionate socialiser who was always up for a good night out. His enthusiasm and positivity were contagious, and his charisma and humour were unmatched. He was a beacon of optimism and enthusiasm, always keen to try new things and find joy in each moment. He had a knack for making everyone around him feel welcome and appreciated, and he will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Keith courageously battled cancer for 8 years, and he was a soldier to the end. Though he passed away too soon, he will be remembered for his dedication to the Olli family, and for his passion for both life and work.

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